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Harriet Brettle is passionate about connecting and empowering individuals to advance the future space economy. Harriet is a business analyst at Astroscale where she is developing a commercial solution to the problem of space debris. She is also the strategic partnerships team coordinator of the Space Generation Advisory Council, supporting its mission to connect students and young professionals to the wider space community.

Harriet has recently completed a masters in planetary science at the California Institute of Technology. She holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the University of Warwick and a postgraduate certificate in astrophysics from Queen Mary, University of London. Harriet is a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Prior to Caltech, Harriet worked at the Bank of England on medium term strategy and research, providing technical support for quantitative impact studies and undertaking risk analysis of global financial institutions. She was also outreach coordinator for the Planetary Society in London, creating a platform for local and international astronomical organisations to collaborate with the Planetary Society in the UK. Harriet has a keen interest in public engagement with space science, interactions between different fields relevant to space exploration, and the future of new space economy.

Space Generation Advisory Council members at the 33rd Space Symposium

Space Generation Advisory Council members at the 33rd Space Symposium

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Harriet is a passionate science communicator; she has written articles for Astropreneurs, the Planetary Society, and Astrobites. She has presented at numerous international conferences including the International Astronautical Congress, SEDS-USA SpaceVision, and the COSPAR Assembly. She has run multiple workshops for schools in collaboration with the Institute of Physics (IOP), Femtinos and others. Harriet regularly appears on science podcasts to share her story and advice on pursuing a career in STEM.

She has a keen interest in the interactions between different fields relevant to space exploration; this was encouraged further through a Global Grant Scholarship to attend the Space Generation Fusion forum and 33rd Space Symposium.

Harriet is a qualified financial risk manager, having worked for J.P. Morgan, the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve, Bank of New York. She is keen to apply this experience to understanding and advancing the future space economy.